Why my restaurant bought a Sous Vide Machine

I am running my own restaurant and can bet that the Sous vide machine is one of the best investments that I have made. There are many benefits of cooking in this machine. The food is cooked at a low temperature for long and this enhances its texture, improves the flavor and makes the meat tender as well as offers many health benefits.

Reasons why I would recommend sous vide cooking are:

  • It helps to enhance the flavors
  • The food is cooked very healthily
  • The texture is better
  • The food is never overcooked
  • The meal is perfect every time it is cooked
  • Keeps the kitchen very organized
  • Makes cooking stress free
  • Is a complete money saver
  • You can freeze the food for later use
  • Allows bulk cooking

A Sous Vide Machine is a better cooking alternative. It makes the food even tastier and also more appealing. The food also does not lose its form because it is kept in a sous bag. The weight and the natural color and the flavor of the food are never lost.

Sous vide food is something that I prefer the most because it is very healthy. It offers enhanced flavors and you do not have to add lots of salt or fat to cook food when you use this equipment. Also, it uses vacuum sealing. This means that the mineral and the vitamins in the food are not lost during the process of cooking.

My meals always taste great. The temperature control is very precise and when you prepare the same food over and over again it gives you the same results. The food is never overcooked, not is it burnt or chewy. When you do a pan fry there could be times when the food is cooked from the outside but it is still raw inside. When you cook the food till the inside till it is not raw anymore, you would either burn the outside or overcook the outside. This is never an issue when you use sous vide.