What is the best thing to use to keep dentures in place?

It is really not funny when you are having a serious conversation with someone and your dentures just fall off. Finding the right glue is very important. You need to know the duration for which the glue lasts. This is so that you can plan your day and take appropriate breaks to get it fixed. Having an adhesive that does not work well will make you feel like you have a mouth that is full of marbles. That is not a nice feeling. So let’s answer the key question.

How long does denture glue last?

How long the adhesive lasts depends on many factors. Many approve the usage of this glue. It makes life very easy for those who use dentures. This is because there is the confidence that they won’t fall off because of the thing that keeps the denture and the gums together. New denture users are in constant worry for this fact. So they make it a point to know how long the glue does last.

Adhesives usually hold for a longer period of time for upper dentures. The glue in the lower denture gets loose faster because the lower jaw takes most of the brunt while chewing. Food and liquids loosen the glue easier in the lower jaw.

A good quality one should last at least twelve hours. The shelf life of the glue is close to three years. Denture glue that is non-toxic in nature is your best bet to keep dentures in place. Finding one that does not cause harm to your health is the one that you should pick at all costs.

While shopping for an adhesive, pick one after looking at the ingredients. It should provide a firm and comfortable grip for the dentures. Always consult the doctor before shopping for one. Your smile is worth it.