Revealing the right shredder in the market


Garden shredders are your best buddies when you are looking for chopping of those overgrown patches within minutes, not wasting much of your weekends. A shredder is essential in a home which has a larger outdoor, to maintain the spaces.

Comparing the shredders:

We don’t buy something just like that; it’s a very rare case. We do a lot of research, check about its usage and benefits and its performance versus the price we pay and then finalise. Similarly, shredders too, need a lot of research work, and we have done it for you.

We did researchers across many brands, many products, got reviews from the users and tallied and have found that the Bosch brand leads the line and in that, Bosch AXT 2200 is the best Bosch shredder on the market, amongst the others.

This is how we rated the product as best, the factors that went into finalising it.

Cutting size: this value indicates the size of the branches and grasses it can chop off. The bigger the size better is the work done, faster and efficiently. It ranges between 35mm to 50mm, while the best that we picked stands in between at 40mm.

Motor Watt power: this represents the power of the motor inside the machine, and anything at 2200 and beyond is great to have.

Handling features: any model which needs a lot of care and caution can’t be used on a regular basis. So, the one that is easy to handle has a collecting box, auto feed mechanism is a good bet.

RPM: this represents the speed of the motor, and the range is 3500 to 4500.

Cost: the value for money is a not-to-be-forgotten factor, as we get products from the basic price to the high-end value, the mid-range always works best. High-end ones are always good for a larger scale work.