When we talk about watches in general, men’s watches are not the same as women’s watches. And that it how they were originally meant to be.

You may not spot a man sporting a women’s watch, simply because it would look rather awkward on them. A masculine wrist simply does not go along with a delicate watch that probably has slender straps and a smaller dial. Not to mention the chances of it being bejewelled too.

This rule however does not apply to women. Many women are known to sport men’s watches; in fact many even prefer those as compared to the delicate versions made for them. If you have always liked the look of your husband’s Rolex, there are different ways in which you can style it and use it too!

For similar reasons, unisex watches have been designed. And you can get them at good prices too. This is where my brother got a cheap unisex luxury watch that he and his wife use occasionally.

There are some who do not like these too much simply because they appear to be originally made for one sex and simply changed the size to suit both.

When women wear men’s watches

  • It creates a contrast: If you step out wearing a Rolex that is originally your husbands, it creates a unique contrast. When a heavy watch with a big dial sits perfectly on a delicate wrist, it simply looks amazing. It looks unconventional and when teamed up with an outfit that matches this look, your look is made.
  • It makes the women appear more feminine: Contrary to the beliefs, when a woman sports a men’s watch, she tends to look more feminine. Many would think a men’s watch appears manly or boisterous on women, but it does not. Of course the choice of watch is a variable, but a delicate wrist looks only more prominent with a men’s watch on it.

Of course the most important factor here is how you carry yourself. Confidence being the key here. No matter how you step out, if you are confident and comfortable in your skin, there is no stopping you!