A beginner’s guide to choosing a woodworking table saw

To meet all your woodworking needs you should have the right gear. The first and foremost tools that anyone invests in a shop is the table saw. Be it to cut wood or to size it or reshape it, there are so many places where the right saw goes a long way. There are several types of saws for different types of users and different types of materials being handled. The table saw is often considered to be the safest option. Unlike other types of saws these are steadily held in place and they reduce the chances of accidents. Besides cutting this single versatile tool can come in pretty handy in your shop.

The most common types of table saws:

When you are looking to buy the best table saw for woodwork  you have several options of which there are three popular types- the cabinet saw, contractor saw and the bench top table saw.

  • For those shops that have a tight space the cabinet saws are considered to be the ideal choices. This is a pretty durable option and the table size remains the same as the other types but the saw itself is small.
  • Contractor saw is the one that is the most suitable for all heavy duty projects. They are the heaviest ones as well.
  • If you are looking for something lightweight then the bench top table saws are the best options. For all small scale woodworking this would be a good choice.

Look for the essential features:

The motor rating, quality of the individual components that go into the saw and several other features should also be considered besides concentrating on the type of the saw. The efficiency of the whole system for example would depend on the transmission of power to the blades. Such working technologies of the saw would also determine how good the saw is.