When there is an occasion to celebrate in a group or a cause your group supports together, or simply because you love to stand out in a crowd, there is no better way to do it than to add a personal touch to make it special.

Ordering customized clothes is one of the coolest ways to emphasize the fact that you are a group, or to differentiate you from the rest. You need not submit yourself to the standard, but create your own fashion. However, customizing clothes can turn out to be a nightmare without proper homework, or if you trust a wrong company. It is best to rely on someone like Teesnow to get only the best.

Apart from that, here are a few tips to remember when ordering customized clothes.

The Number of T-shirts to order: When t-shirts are customized, they dealers do not usually take them back. And so, before you place an order, make sure you know the exact number of pieces to order. While an extra or two should be okay, but having loads of extra t-shirts will be useless, especially if they are for a onetime event.

The Size: It is best to get a size chart from the manufacturers before you decide what size to buy for everyone. Often the sizes may vary between manufacturers that may end with excessively small or large t-shirts. Cross check the measurements before you place an order.

Match the occasion with the material and style: Wearing a customized turtle neck tee in summers or a thin cotton one in winters could be disastrous. Remember when you need the t-shirts and what designing will be suitable for the event, and the crowd who is going to wear these before you place an order.

The designing: Often, T-shirt manufacturers will have pre-designed templates that can be personalized, or you could even have your own designs made. The point is to come together as a group that stands out in the crowd.