An introduction to rangefinders

When we talk in generic terms a rangefinder is a device that helps estimate the distance. These find applications in numerous fields. The most common places where you would find people using rangefinders is in golf and in photography. One other place where rangefinders come in handy is hunting. There are several types of rangefinders. Some of them use GPS signals to track the object and calculate the distance. The most common type however is the laser rangefinder. I bought my husband this rangefinder and he has always carried it in his pocket ever since.

How does a rangefinder work?

Understanding the basic technology would help you understand where all you would be able to use a rangefinder. We talk here about the working of the most common type of rangefinder the laser rangefinder.

As the name indicates this one works based on laser technology. The rangefinder here acts first as a laser emitter. It emits a low power laser beam that is directed towards the target. When the laser beam hits the target it gets deflected and returns. Based on the time taken for the laser beam to get back to the emitter the distance at which the object is located is calculated. This is because the speed of the beam is already known and the time taken would be recorded. The basic concept remains the same. But we find rangefinders of different types mainly based on the features, the range and other parameters. Range as the name indicates is the maximum and the minimum distance that can be measured by the rangefinder. Based on the application the required range varies. Based on the range the accuracy of the measured distance might also vary a little. There are several other attributes to consider when you buy a laser rangefinder for your outdoor needs.