Daily Style Habits Of A Modern Man

When a man walks across, what is the first thing to be noticed? No it is not just his physique, gone are the days when men were compared only based on their muscles, height, body structure, etc. today, men are fashion conscious like women and what one wears is never ignored.

When a man walks in for a meeting or an interview, he cannot depend on his looks or the extra hours at the Gym to help him get the best first impression. It is what he wears and carries, that get the first attention. Only when these are not offending or repulsive, do the rest of him get a chance.

When a man is fashion conscious and cares about what he wears and the way he presents himself in front of the world, it is shown in the way he carries himself.

Here is what a modern man does on a daily basis to stay on top of the fashion game:

He chooses his clothes carefully. He does not don what comes in his hands first. He carefully chooses the shirt, the trouser and blazer or tie, if he is wearing one. He ensures they go along and don’t clash as formal wear cannot have clashing hues.

Next he ensures they fit well. wearing an ill fit shirt or a trouser can reduce his image or impression in the eyes of other, manifold.

He checks if they are neatly pressed and look presentable. Looking like you just got out of bed might have been the trend for college and teenage kids but for a man who is old enough to go to work and decide for himself, what his clothes look like forms the major part of an impression.

He carries his things in a good old fashioned briefcase, which is practical yet stylish. Thanks to manufacturers bringing back this trend, one has a number of options to choose from. Confused? This site reviews the best leather briefcases for men, which can be very helpful.