Audio Interface

To produce good quality sound one should have an excellent working audio interface. Audio interface is studio equipment that records both digital and analog audio signals and transfer them to the computer for further post processing work. This article will help to understand about audio interface for recording all kinds of sound.

Why we need an audio interface?

It is necessary since for recording there is a need for microphone to capture the voice or music of any musical instrument and convert them to electricity. That is where the interface comes in. The interface takes the signals from the mic or guitar and converts them to digital signals before sending to the computer.

Parts of the audio interface

It is good to know the parts and working of any equipment that we use. The interface has both input and output sections.


The input devices include microphone, instrument, and MIDI. The front of the interface houses the input sections. It has knob to control the volume going to the microphone it also helps to power up the mic if it doesn’t have its own external power.

The plug-in for the instrument is also found in the front. One can connect the keyboard or guitar directly to the interface and play the music.

The MIDI is mainly seen in high end recordings and not in inexpensive interfaces. The MIDI helps to select sounds from the computer or any external source rather than only those on the keyboard. Hence we have more options available for making music.


The output devices are headphones, monitors and interface cable. They are found at the back of the interface.

Headphones produce the sound received from the inputs.

Here monitor refers to the speakers. They also give out the sound produced and help in listening.

Mostly XLR cables are used for the output to speakers.

This little write up will give you a peek into audio interface. Always invest in a good quality interface for better sound recordings. If you are a person into music and sound it will be necessary sometime in future if not now.