Why limit yourself to the same old regular sex when there is a sea full of exciting sex toys to add that extra bit of fun? All you need to do is look up the internet and find a trust worthy website, where you can find all the toys you need to explore you and your partner’s sexuality to the fullest.

You can choose from a wide range of sex toys that include hand cuffs, bondages, dildos, vibrators and much more. Those who love to lurk into the anal region of pleasures can look into the butt plugs arena.

More about Butt Plugs

These are also known as ‘Love Plugs’. They are meant to stimulate the pleasure nerves around the anus. A butt plug basically has a tapering tip that widens, and then has a shaft and a flared base for safety.

These plugs are meant to stretch the skin of the anus so that the pleasure nerves are stimulated and give immense pleasure. They can be enjoyed by both men as well as women. You can wear a butt plug inside your anus and still continue to have vaginal sex or explore your sexuality in any other way.

Animal Tailed butt plugs

To add to the thrill of enjoying a butt plug that teases the right areas, there are some fun variants in them. These plugs come with animal tails to make your sex role play even more thrilling. Some of the popular animal tailed plugs are:

  • Cat tailed butt plugs: Love being the cute kitty that turns into a tigress in bed? Wear a real cat fur tail butt plug and take your sensations on a new high altogether.
  • Fox tail butt plugs: Make sex even more exciting with a bushy fox tail between your legs.
  • Horse tail butt plug: Strut around and show off what you got with a horse tail and a butt plug inside your anus.
  • Dog Tail: Take your role playing to the next level with a dog tail.

Your partner and you must get discuss what you both would like and never let your sex life dull down again.