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The LEAPFROG Integrated Project was undertaken to develop concepts and technologies which would radically modernize and ultimately transform the clothing sector into a demand-driven, knowledge-based, high-tech industry.

The LEAPFROG research and development work has reached a number of its objectives to develop radically innovative technological and organisational solutions for the (textile &) clothing business of the 21st Century.

More details and extended information on the major results achieved in the project’s four Research Areas, can be found by following the respective links:

The effort undertaken through the project has reached the potential to lead to an innovation and new business development cycle involving a great number of textile, clothing, machinery and service companies in Europe over the coming years.

Several results will be available for commercial exploitation shortly after the project conclusion; others require additional research to realize their full innovation potential and to bring them as proven technology into industrial application.

For more information please visit the project's wiki at:

The complete list of the LEAPFRO-IP Key Results is as follows. If you are interested in a specific resut, follow its link below:

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NEW Leapfrog Annual Public Event 1st April 2009
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First Leapfrog press release 12 October 2004