The LEAPFROG Integrated Project attempts to modernise and ultimately

transform the clothing sector into a demand-driven, knowledge-based, high-tech industry

by exploitation of recent advances in a broad area of scientific-technological fields ranging from

  • nanotechnology and polymeric material science,
  • robotics and innovative joining techniques,
  • 3D computer graphics and animation, to
  • e-business and management research.

If LEAPFROG research and development work reaches its objectives there will be enormous innovation and new business potential across the entire spectrum of textile, clothing, machinery and service companies in Europe.

See .. The Rationale behind Leapfrog IP

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Leapfrog IP participation in IMB2009
NEW Leapfrog Annual Public Event 1st April 2009
NEW Leapfrog General Assembly 2008
First Leapfrog press release 12 October 2004